How to create facebook page that wins customers

How to create facebook page that wins customers
Building Facebook page that wins customers sound very important to so many brand and business who owns one or two pages with huge number s of followers or not , for the past few months now I have been receiving much questions on how can I win customers and gain more trust.

This sound interesting and fun to me , because it is what I have performed and receive better result and response for. Personally for my business page. I have experiment and try many strategies to win customer.

Note : it’s a  strategy I use to gain hundreds of customer retention.

We all no what page is and uses and how it can help businesses and brands to grow fast. 

Did you care about your page followers?

This is the first question that pops on my mind before experimenting any thing , before any step can be taken you need to care about your business page follower , byanalyzing   this on a separate page , 
who are they
  1. Area of interest
  2. Location
  3. Behavior 
This are the must factor you need to consider before any action can be taken or excute. Customers interest and the demographic must be consider. 

How to conduct page follower interest 

Data driven technology has make user data to be captured without any Manuel means , hundreds of step by step process has make it possible to gain full access to customers interest . 
Strategy I use in conducting user interest are many , but I will only mention two .
  1. Survey 
  2. Quiz
I make use of the above two ways  to conduct user interest and no where they belongs to , therelike and hates( interest and non-interest)

Creating a call to action offers

Creating simple and free call to action offer like eBooks , free airtime, gift and some many other thing will dramatically win their hearth and retain customers visibility, this will let every of your page follower learn and have full understanding of your products or services.

They will trust you , all because you offer them sample of your product or service, winning there heart will come through like a dream.

Your products will increase in user consumption,more ability and strength for you to exist for long and gain permanent customers retention. 

With the simple strategy above a lot  Of business  have grow and able to win customers wants with there various business pages on social media .


To keep you on track , I will say seen is believing, and outcome of practicing is result , we are all bound within strategy we overlook day by day .
I hope you are ready to implement this strategy and see results as fast as possible.

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