3 SEO tool to scan and improve your blog visibility on search engine

3 SEO tool to scan and improve your blog visibility on search engine

Making use of the 3 seo tool to improve your blog visibility on search engine sound as an important and serious topic and a must to implement when creating content. Visibility means, awareness creation. 

This process deals with content optimization and syndication to the whole entire web, braking through online system to systems in other to create and target every single person that might be of interest in whatever you publish on your site. To cut the whole story short I am teaching you how to scan and improve your site content for search engine visibility 

There are three essential tool you can use to scan throughout your site and its content, no more scrap and dump of your site on the search engine, every content you publish this season must go wild on search engine fast. 

Google webmaster tool

With Google webmaster tool you can submit your site to the internet giant, you can show up on Google for the keywords you rank for, now you will have the ability to gain people attention on Google search. 
To locate and correct any error is easy and free to implement using webmaster tool.

Bing webmaster tool

This look similar to Google webmaster tool, in normal view they both perform the same thing with some little differences in error detection and corrections.


It’s an online site and keywords analysis and searches  that enable various online marketer to spy on other people site content and analysis them, it enable url input of any site . Ubersuggest analyze and give detail of any site activities ranging from traffics, search engine visibility and bug detection’s.


With the three tools above I believe you should be able to scan and improve your blog visibility to search engine and also be able to correct bugs. 

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