Simplified ways to rank on google search in 2020

Rank fast on Google

There are many reason why your blog must rank in 2019, for the past three to four years ago google search engine has been dominating and breaking ground in terms of online search user conduct. Many algorithms has been implement to google search engine to improve search result, millions and trillions of search are been conducted daily by the users.

Every single day We are all bounds of opportunities in different area of our various field , many solution has been create to solve problem we face and encounter , The search giant is here to make us experience user retention and keep them coming back and rank fast in no time. As a blogger and content writer your responsibility is to create awareness and convert visitors to customers.

  • 1.    Dominate the first page
  • 2.    Convert visitors to customers
  • 3.    Gain strong authorities
  • 4.    Build trust
  • 5.    And rank fast

Dominating the first page require steps by steps procedure to stay up there without falling back to the last line of google search , your content will  tell how fast you will ranks. Other factors also determine how fast you will move up to the first page at times content determine

Secondly high number of visitors who locate your site through google will surely come back so far your content is readable and solve problems. In most cases content is king.

Benefit of dominating the first page 

To sell product and offer services

The most reason why you need to dominate google first page is to sell products and offer services, been on the first page of google will make you to gain returning client who possess interest in whatever you offer or sell.

Convert visitors to customer   

Conversion matters a lot depending on what the user want, your blog structure and content behavior will tell how customers will interact with your site. The position google place you on will determine how fast product on your platform will sell.

Gain strong authorities

Authorities make site rank fast for any content it might be competing for. Sign of recommendation make your blog content to rank faster than what you might imagine. Links, bounce rate and other important factors also determine how strong authorities will be. Content also determine result. Gaining strong authorities lies within you.


Building trust and ranking fast is only possible with all of the above reasons. What determine your content position on google also determine the results, so act now and rank fast.


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