Trusted site to get paid by playing games online for free in 2019

Get paid by playing games online for free

This days every one want to make money online without doing nothing , you personally have jump and falls for advert banners that promises to make you rich over night without pulling your finger against the keyboards. I’m not here to narrate what kill my grandma to you. I have package this for you to get paid by playing games online for free.

Without wasting much time let’s me show how to do this and make money.

I believe we all no what online game is and the benefit. One of its benefits is to entertain and boost your faculty of thinking and reasoning, but thewhole story has changed from boosting thinking and reasoning to make money from online game.

Two of the following platforms you see below enables users to make money for free.

  1. Swagbucks:

Swagbuck is one of the most popular cash reward site with over 1 million users. 
It pays its user for completing task as playing games , watching videos, taking surveys and shopping online.

For the first time you will be credit 5 dollar welcome bonus . Swagbuck pay through amazon gift card and PayPal cash.

Simply join swagbucks today and get paid while enjoying your favorite games and videos.


Inboxdollar is the second platform after swagbucks , it also pay user for performing task that rang from playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, reading emails.

Inbox dollar has about 2 million active user and paid up to 79 million to its users till date. It pays through PayPal and amazon gift card.

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