How to promote cpa offer for free on Facebook page
Running paid campaign for any type of offers requires money and also involves risk. The first     question is what’s the probability that I’m gonna win , and others questions . Should i tryout or    not.

All this question will run you to an extent of making cpa offer promotion a let go, I mean you will feel to drop this and find other ways to make money online.

Dropping this means of making money online is not the next option, why ? Forget the risk behind  and the money involved and follow the following proces on how I run free campaign for CPA offer on my Facebook page .

With this strategy I make Good amount of money with CPA without spending a dollar on Facebook ads which is the exact process I will show you here . 

Create a Facebook page 

Starting a new Facebook page will enable you tobe specific and define a clear targets of audiences you wants to reach. 

Secondly make every single description of the Facebook page relate to offers you decide to share on your Facebook page . Good example is your page description in this format ( it our pleasure to help you get free access to free ebooks , games, money making app and other important softwares) 

With the description you have described everything you want to offer, now let begin to join groups.

Join Facebook group 

According to my experiment Facebook group is the most active community on Facebook with strong engagement and visibility. 

You are to join up to 10 to 20 groups that relate well with your page title and description, do make sure that each pages you join are up to 50,000members , and also make sure they are public groups.

Now make up to three interesting post containing link to an offer landing page, make sure every of those post relate well in interest with those Facebook groups you joined.

Share post on Facebook 

The last action is for you to share every post on your facebook page to about 10 to 20 groups you have joined. With all of this process your post on Facebook will reach more people than what you imagine it to be.

Note : in order to avoid account ban on Facebook , make sure you  share to 10 groups only per day.


Good luck to those who carefully follow this step by step process.

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