Real ways to make money online posting ads

Real ways to make money online posting ads
Getting paid  online is easy and faster to fall into, earning cash online require no skills both for beginner and those who are into serious online business. In terms of job opportunities internet has grow wider and stronger than any media industry.

Making money online posting ads is one of the easiest job that requires skill and unskilled. Even a  6 year old boy could make money by posting ads online. 

No investment needed to get started, all you need is a proper internet connection and a convenient environment. But the question is how can I figure out the real platform to get started?

That’s what I have package for you to consume and digest.  All you need is to carefully follow procedures below.


Facebook is one of the most popular social network we all know and use to communicate, create pages , groups and events. In fact businesses showcase their services and products by using pages and group to engage followers and groups member into customer.

How can I earn cash from Facebook?

 The most reliable and risk free way of making money on Facebook is by ads posting.

Hi The second question is how do I get started?

there are many as possible online ads network that will pay you to share advert link on your Facebook timeline, pages or group. Most of this network offers to pay per click, which means the more click the link has the more you make.

Ads network you can sign up with 

Many ads network exist but only few  of then pays well and on time.

  • Vivads 

Is a complete tool that enable you to create short link .its pay good decent amount of money when link get click on Facebook or what ever platform you share it to.
Vivads pay through PayPal and other means of flexible payment.

  • Shorte.est

This is another site that monetize your website and link you shared online. 
They are one of the fast growing and reliable ads ads networks.
It’s a easy and smarter way to take advantage ofFacebook timeline, page follower and group members.
With shorte.est you could make a thousand dollar within a week.There payment system is PayPal and Payoneer.


Now you have seen the real ways to earn cash by posting ads online.For any question kindly drop comment below.


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