Top Opera news alternative i have never seen
For the past three yeast opera news has been existing and breaking new grounds every single day , they sound to be the only option  people use in reading news and other important related articles online .

They promise to cover all topic and other aspects and care all about user wants , but most of their promise sound not very genuine. Many news aggregators compete with him and failed , numbers of app developers come up to beat him off but not as successful as opera. Days and years pass non of those app are not up to its standards.
User keep requesting for news features but the opera was unable to meetups with user demands, developers found this as a loop hole and find something more better to replace it 

Why NEWS 360 is the alternative 

Finally the loop hole has been filled, and incredible features has been developed to entertain what users has bee demanding for all this days 
Your dreams has come through, what you have been imagining for is here . NEWS 360


News 360 works well for both readers and the publishers , ability to express your your self has been embedded altogether on one platform.


Use news 360 today and drop your own view about it. Test its capabilities now

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    1. News 360 will require your site Full RSS feed and a business email to signup. example- yourname @

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