Ultimate strategy to boost blog traffic from zero to thousands very fast using Quora

This is a compiled documents of how I increase my blog traffic
This is a compiled documents of how I increase my blog traffic from zero to thousands of visitors, That are willing to come back. This might be the main problem you have been facing in terms of generating real visitors to your blog.

I called this strategy organic visitors. It’s a simplified system of attracting real visitors to your blog , this system is magnetic in nature. For good two to three weeks I have experiment and document this.

Now imagine in a day your blog receive 3000 to 5000 visitors without posting any single content.That’s the exact strategy I have document for you to implement. Before we get started let see benefits and effects of visitors 

Benefits and effects of visitors 

There are so much benefits attached to numbersof visitors who visit your blog. 

  1. Number one  benefits is to gain more visibility and name in terms of blog niche you fall under 
  2. Secondly to build authority and straight for strong recommendation.                          

The effect of visitors on your blog will depends on how valuable your blog contents are. Visitors behavoir on your blog will also expose the effects and actions about your blog content, good example is visitors comment.

Comment is one of the effective ways to track visitors behavior.
Note : you have to read and digest the following articles below in other for you to properly implement it well.
The following steps below will instruct you on how to use Quora to generate thousands of visitors.

Generate visitors with Quora 

This is how I generate real visitor that become customers, visitors that react and interact dynamically with my blog and its content. Before we getstarted let’s see what is Quora.

What is Quora 

Quora is a groups of community of different topics and discussion. In other words it’s a system of systems that enable me and you to share questions and answers, opinions.

Now are you on Quora or not? if your answer is no kindly signup with this link and continue with the following process by setting up your profile and niche you belongs to, make sure you complete your profile info.
The next process is to search for questions that relate to any of your blogpost, by topic and metrics including total amount of views and anwsers.For more effective metrics use keywords tool to analyze search volume, how competitive it is.Use free Keywords tools like Ubersuggest, google keyword planner.
Now It’s time to drive visitors with the above info. Find right Answer to questions with high search volume and include your blog post link behind any answer you give to questions. Apply this strategy to 6 to 10 of your blogposts and wait to see how those answers will drive in hundreds to thousands of visitors within 2 days, always reply to visitors comments in other to retain visitors and keep them coming back.

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