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Get paid to write: legit websites that will pay you instantly as a writer of any skill level

Did you want to get paid to write and cash out instantly without waiting for days or months to be paid.
That’s exactly what I have package here for you  So here is the deal, people need writers of any skill level with a sense of humor and passion for interesting topics that they love.
So what are the ?
Reason people pay for content In the past years, several of my friends and I  paid For subscription for different site in other to get access to some of their content.
This site has huge numbers of any skilled level writer who are willing to write interesting and good content to solve problems.

The most wanted content ( write up)The most threading topics online are :

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What Efficiency writers possess Writers are hired to provides reasonable and useful content that reader will really like to consum and digest.Many companies hire writers to frame and sweetwrite sales copy of their products and services…

Simple method on how to submit your blog to opera news feed (reach more visitors and boost revenue)

This is how to Submit your blog to opera news feed and reach millions of audience who are will to bookmark and subscribe to your email list,    with this simple method you will be able to        boost your site traffics and generate more revenue and break new grounds.

Reason why  I create this content  To receive free traffics  Popularity  To generate stable and real user  To generate revenue  And recommendations 
There are so much to benefit from opera news.    feed, apart from gaining traffic in other to increase numbers of ads view and generate revenue. 
What opera news requires from you According to my own experience with opera news this are the list I followed to get accepted. Increase your Site speed Improve your Interface Create more Informative content Enable Full RSS feed of you site  With all of this I get accepted after 3 days of applying to opera news. If I can be accepted you      too can be.
How I make money with opera news feed  To be sincere I never have it mind that o…