Get paid to write: legit websites that will pay you instantly as a writer of any skill level

Get paid to write

Did you want to get paid to write and cash out instantly without waiting for days or months to be paid.

That’s exactly what I have package here for you 
So here is the deal, people need writers of any skill level with a sense of humor and passion for interesting topics that they love.

So what are the ?

Reason people pay for content

In the past years, several of my friends and I 
paid For subscription for different site in other to get access to some of their content.

This site has huge numbers of any skilled level writer who are willing to write interesting and good content to solve problems.

The most wanted content ( write up)

The most threading topics online are :

  • make money online scheme
  • Health
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Insurance 
  • Technology 

And so on.....

What Efficiency writers possess 

Writers are hired to provides reasonable and useful content that reader will really like to consum and digest.Many companies hire writers to frame and sweetwrite sales copy of their products and services, most them are seeking writers of any skilled level 

What Value writer give

Companies pay for valuable and useful content that solve problems. They value content and are willing to pay for any valuable content. Write your way to the life you want as a write.
What recommend products and services is content, products depends on its content and services depends on intent.
Every affiliate product online need content promotion to make sale and gain customers trust.

Who will pay you

There are hundreds of those who need content to develop there affiliate site, insurance company,marketer and industry, this set of company can pay you any amount of money for providing newand valuable content.
Here is the ....

legits website that will pay instantly 

Finding the trustworthy websites as always beenproblem. Many sites offer attractive payout but are not willing to make instant and quick fund deposits to writers account.

So if you are here to make money fast, Here is legit websites that will pay on time.

1. Iwriter

 With iwriter you have the ability to choose working hours by your self , to my experience with i writer I have work as a part-time writer.

To be sincere and clear I will boldly tell you that Iwriter pays more than 80 dollars for only 500+ word of article.

Features of iwriter 

  • Write as much or little as you want each single day
  • Choose the topic that best match your interests or background 
  • Ability to build you own client base

To my experience iwriter is one of the fastest and easiest and reliable to make money instantly. Listverse

This site sound to be one of the most reliable source of income for any write of any skill level who wants to make money online. To my experience I have been paid more than 100 dollars to write 1000+ words of article.

Benefits of using listverse

  • Ability to work at you own time, place.
  • Flexible means of instant payment ( PayPal, Payoneer (
  • Instant payments 
  • Ability to work as a par time writer 

For you to sign up as a new writer requires no test or requirements of identity, listverse rank your content and pay you based on your content striangth.

3. Friverr
Friverr offers wide range of opportunities for writers to make money and get paid instantly to PayPal, it’s a flexible micro freelance site that enablevarious services to be offers.

It’s as flexible sign up process and Good rating system for Gigs. Most service are offer for 5 dollars and above. Leveraging this system will allow you as a writer to make money instantly.

My experience with friverr 

  • My working experience with friverr has grant me much confidence to interact with client of different view. It’s as grant me opportunities to other skills to make money.


My last advice for you to make money instantly is to:

  • Be conversant 
  • Conduct research 
  • Write from experience 
  • Invent much technicality to your work

All of this will enable you to get hired and make money fast as a writer. Incase you find out more site that pays instantly please kindly comment below.

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