How to Make Money on Tiktok ( A Complete Guide )

Hey guy's don't do it alone , let me show how to make money on tiktok, 
Because people are making real money now, the secret has been kept for a while and now it's gonna be 
completely exposed here on my blog. You will learn the exact process I use to make money on tiktok

Follow this article till the end and learn the whole steps and finally get expose to tiktok money

Getting started with tiktok

Tiktok has a wide audience with several language and interest with various demographic sets of people that share videos with in and make fun.  Now you will learn how to convert tiktok fun to money ( real cash ) if you properly follow the tips and ways below.


I guess you will asked me
what's step do I need to make money on tiktok ?

Note: The tips below will lead you to three ways to make money on tiktok

Sign up to tiktok

To make money on tiktok Sign up to tiktok and fill your profile with the required details, also drop your YouTube channel link on tiktok. And if you already sign up follow the steps below.

Create videos on tiktok

Create videos around trending hashtag, and share with friends on Facebook, further more promote your tiktok page on YouTube.

Follow related trends on tiktok

Begin to follow trends that relate to your profile on tiktok, always check account metrics before you follow any of them. Example of metrics to consider are numbers of followers on there list, likes and comments.

Apply the three method below and be among of those who make money on  tiktok every month.

Working with brands

There are by thousands of brand that wanted to create awareness and populate the web. They want there names be known by every one, in this case they can pay any amount money for them gain awareness. That the reason why they need social media influencer to use and review there products.

So how do I find a brand to work with?

Anwser -  To find a brand to work with is not that easy, unless they find you by themselves. 

The next question is how can brands find me?

Answer- You may be find by this three things below
1. Popularity
2. The kind of contents you produced
3. Level of engagement ( likes and comments)

Sell your own products

Selling your own digital products on tiktok does not require shipping cost, all you need is to make interesting video about your product and direct them to the link on your tiktok bio or you mentioned it on your video.

In this situation you need a landing page to host your digital products, there are free and paid landing page tool that will last for a year before renewal. while free one are limited. Normally I use clickfunnel as a landing page and a lead page.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a system that enables you as a affiliate marketer to promote others people products and earn commission.

You can begin to run affiliate offers on tiktok and make money, You will need to partner with affiliate network like amazon , aliexpress and so many others , you can search for more on google.

And if you have sign up or already an affiliate network member this step will show you how to pick and select product and promote it. but before I Get started let's see what will sell?.

What kind of product should i promote ?

In this process you need to do market research. In other to meet people need You need to follow trends, like what people will actually buy. A Good example is clothes accessories.

How do I know what is trending in market?

You can easily know what trend in market with the help of Google trends tool, this tool will show you the actual trends of a particular products on-line, you will get insight of what is selling and not.

Get started by typing in keywords like skin care, clothing accessories and home decor. Then click the search button to get the actual insight.

google trend
The higher the trends the more it's easier to go for.

The next question is how do I promote affiliate offer on tiktok?

Now that you have know what will sell and not, it's time to promote those products and get commission.

Get back to tiktok app and begin to create meaningful video content around your chosen products 

Let's say that you decide to promote clothes accessories, you will need to create helpful contents like "see what i convert this fabric into" a video like this will solve problem and convince your viewers to buy from the recommended products you mentioned during the video, boom now you will begin to earn commission.


1. Use a video editor to stick your affiliate link onto your video.

2. Make sure you create interesting and relevant video content that your followers will actually fall for.


Now you have know how to make money on tiktok by implementing exact copy. It is wise and good to improve and execute what you have learned, put it into practice and begin to earn commission today.

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