How to Make Money on Tiktok

Hey guy's don't do it alone , let me show how to make money on tiktok, this is an opportunity you have been ignoring Cause you don't know-how to, you might have head from Lots of digital marketers and influencers on how they leverage this system and make money with it.  I know what you are lack is the right person to show you.  

Follow my steps below To be finally expose to the tiktok money. But Before we get started let's see

What is tiktok 

Tiktok is a social network platform that enable people to share shot video clip. Further more it allow we as a user on tiktok to record recent events and share it with huge numbers of followers by using hashtags.

I guess you will asked me
what's step do I need to follow ?

Steps 1 

To make money on tiktok Sign up to tiktok and fill your profile with the required details, also drop your YouTube channel link on tiktok. And if you already sign up follow the steps below.

Step 2

Create videos around trending hashtag, and share with friends on Facebook, further more promote your tiktok page on YouTube.

Steps 3

Begin to follow trends that relate to your profile on tiktok, always check account metrics before you follow any of them. Example of metrics to consider are numbers of followers on there list, likes and comments.

Steps 4 

Follow the above steps to boost followers and video reach on tiktok, never estimate to distribute your video around social network.

Now here is the deal

Apply the three method below and be among of those who leverage  tiktok to earn passive income every month.

Work with brands

There are numbers of brand who want to create awareness and populate the web. They want there names be known by every one, in this case they can pay you any amount to use there products and influence people across the web, they need you to use and review there products.

So how do you find a brand to work with?

Anwser -  To find a brand to work with is not that easy, unless they find you by themselves. 

The next question is how can brands find me?

Answer- You will be find by this three things below
1. Popularity
2. Contents type you produce
3. Level of engagement ( likes and comments)

Sell your own products

Selling your own digital products on tiktok does not require shipping cost, all you need is to make interesting video about your product and direct them to the link on your tiktok bio. 

In this situation you need a landing page to host your digital products, there are free and paid landing page tool that will last you for a year before renewal. while free one are limited. You can use free or paid version of clickfunnel to host your digital products and accept payment.


My last advise , think out of the box and make the most out of tiktok with your skill.