3 Best traffic sources for affiliate marketing (Feedise)

Imagine you're able to gain huge and stable traffic's without loosing or spending much money on ads credit, that's what I will show you in this post.

We all know traffic is vital and important in affiliate marketing , you and i need to make sale and get commission on any products or services we promote, The product you wanna promote need bundles of traffics.

So how do you get stable traffic sources for affiliate marketing ?

The list below explain it all. It consists of every steps and procedure that you need to follow.

So what type of traffic did you need?

There are varieties source of traffic you can leverage from ,both  free and paid traffics  depends on 
  • quality
  • source
  • and volume you want
So getting stable source of traffic is'nt easy, but in this post i'm gonna show you how to generate traffics and make it stable.

Using SEO ( search engine  optimization )

Traffics from the search engine are always quality and stable source of traffic that affiliates can relay on,
using this metehod requires a lots of hard work, you need content marketing in this stage to recommand products
and optimize it for various search engine like google, bing to see. 

To optimize your affiliate link. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 

Do keyword research

In this process you need to get to see overview of what people are searching for on internet ( search engines), a keywords carry value as metric, search volume and competition and so many more. 

There are many tools online that 
can help you to achieve that like 
  • MOZ
  • and many more.
The above listed keywords tools will enable you to know keywords quality and their usage in content marketing, you can begin to find profitable keyword with those tools and create content around valuable keywords.

The possibility is endless , rake more and more keywords and create content around them to promote 
your affiliate links and personal products.

Leverage social network

Social network can generate thousands of traffic over and over,  to make use of this traffic source as an affiliate will requires you to be an influencer in one of those social  network like facebook , instagram and twitter.

You need to be Conservative enough to convince people about what works.

Become influencer on instagram and other social media network.

This is a medium you  can use to convince people about products or services.
peeople wants to here from you.
They wanna know maybe it working or not.
They need you to assured them about a product.

What will make them to click through your affiliate link?

Getting people to click throungh your affiliate link in'st easy, but its only requires some little effort to make 
it possible .
  • Give them assurance
  • Tell them it works
  • show testimony
With only social media traffics you can drive free traffics over and over without paying a dime .

Buying of Ads

Another traffics source is ads media buying , a lots of affiliate marketer dose this. this method of driving 
traffics to your affiliate links requires money in this situatiion, you gets to pay for ads space. You need to spend real cash to gain targeted traffics. But some thing keep troubling you mind.

The question is how do i make it stable? 

The Answer is collect leads
If you don't want to loose money, you need to start collecting peoples emails and whatsapp phone number with landing page. Asking people to enter their emails on your landing page will give ability to easily re-target them in later time if they are not converting.

what next is 

Pay for google Ads or facebook ads
Find a profitable affiliate product.
  • Set your target .
  • Design a landing page.
  • prepare a sale copy and
  • Fire it up
Same time and stress with facebook ads and google ad, run ads and collect lead.

Wrap up

follow the right path to save time and money, stop giving up and try something new and
forget those who says its impossible.

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