How to promote amazon affiliate products without a website ( With free traffic )

How to promote amazon affiliate products without a websiteI'm glad to see you here, Maybe you have try many promotion method that give low results or that drive in no visitors to your offer landing page. This post is definitely for you. You might have spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to drive conversation but still not getting a good results. That's the reason why I have package the free Traffic sources on how to promote amazon affiliate products without a website ( I mean no landing pages or a review site), I'm going to show you in this post.

What you will learn in this post
  • Free traffics source
  • How to build Facebook group engagement
  • How to direct free traffics to affiliate links
  • Strategy you need to employ, that will make people to respond
  • What is sales copy and how to get some

Free Traffics sources

There are thousands of traffic sources on the internet, but only few of them are good and easy to go for, while the rest of them are no go areas because they want you to buy ads space.  

Facebook group 
This is number one source of traffic that I use in promotions of affiliate products, the main reason why I mentioned Facebook group and profile is that,  engagement levels of Facebook page has dramatically decrease and collapse to an extent of no hope, because post on Facebook page now reach only 10% of your your page followers.

This is the reason why new and old brands now use Facebook groups and profile to reach customers. And that exact thing you will learn how to do here.

How to build facebook group engagement
Engagement is the key to hook and gain group member trust, and that's the exact strategy i will show you here.
let's get started
Try as much as possible to join public groups on Facebook and be specific about your Facebook profile,. ( you must choose a niche and join related group to your choosen niche).

Tips to get people engaged
Stay active on those groups and make engaging post.
Provide answers to people's questions.
Let's your comments count on group members posts
Don't spam groups with unhealthy post.

Read it details below to leverage this opportunity

Follow the above tips to build reasonable amount of engagement on those Facebook groups you join.
Begin to post helpful contents that will surely solve people problem.

Let's say I choose skin care as a niche, which means I am going to be promoting any related products to skin care. 

Use quora 
Now that you have a niche,  visit quora and search for skin care and remedy , find question and make it as a post on Facebook groups , wait for people to respond. Analyze group members comments and opinions.

Use Pinterest
Use Pinterest as contents source to engage Facebook group members, search for skin care remedy video.
Download it with Pinterest video downloader.
Say something about it and post the video for group members to engage with.

Repeat the above steps to gain more trust ( 2x per day ) question come first why the video appear Last.

Now those Facebook groups you join has begin to engage and trust you. Boom you have grab there attention and get them ready to buy. They have become real target audience you can sell to. In less than a week you will begin to  promote amazon affiliate products without a website.

How to direct free traffics to affiliate links
You're done with the group engagement stuff, now it time to direct every interested people to your Amazon affiliate link without a website. The potential buyers are waiting

Things you will need to direct and track every clicks.

Here you will need a url tracker and link shorter , I recommend you to use bitly because it is Free.
Sales copy, you can pay copywriter to write you a copy

Strategy you need to employ, that will make people to respond.
Analyze what people are discussing and contribute to it, expand more on it and create your own topic out of it.

Then find possible solution to the topic and find a product that match.

Follow the example below to gain inspection

What is sales copy and how to get some
Sales copy is a short article to convince a prospect buyer to take action, it's a trigger to gear up anybody to buy. now that you know what a sales copy is called.

How to apply it to a product and convince people to buy
in a simple explanation , let's say you found a product like skin care product on amazon and you want people to buy . follow the list below
  1. select an affiliate product that people will buy ( i mean what people have been discussing about , example is black spot, arc, and stretch mark ) 
  2. find picture or video that talks about the product 
  3. now write a sales copy to trigger it up

This sales copy will give you clue of what to write

Regenerate your skin back to normal with this product , hurry now and pay $50 to get one before the price goes up again to $100.
fast arc and stretch mark remover cream is now available at discount price, hurry now before it goes back to normal price.
Note : Remember to always use bitly to short your affiliate link like the above example.

Consistence is the key to success in affiliate marketing , practice this in repeated process and wait to see result. if you have any question concerning anything kindly drop comment below.   

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