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How to Gain 1000+ Free Instagram Followers Instantly - The Ultimate Guide

Free  Instagram followers  instantly
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Imagine you could gain 1000+ Free Instagram followers instantly by implementing some simple strategy overnight.

And people will begin to like your post and mention you in comment.

So here is the deal where I will show you tips on how I boost my Instagram follower from zero to thousands within 7 days 

Likely question : Requirement 
For the past three months of 2019 I have use this simple strategy to grow my Instagram follower from nothing to something great without spending a dime , to make it more clear, I run no campaigns or request for reach out from friends to follow or like my post on Instagram.

The second question is:
Risk and possibility of gaining huge numbers of followers.
Now here is the game.

  • growing followers with my simple step by step process is at zero risk of your Instagram account.
  • Possibility of making it possible is 100 % sure.

What next is research:
 in the process of writing this article I have conduct research on how Instagram works most especially the logically system behind the social platform. So what’s logically about Instagram? 

According to my research and what I have experiment. I observe that the ranking system of any social network you see lies within their logic block .

https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=12TaT-idaxAeC6UDdlfBho2gRKGAg6DAJ So what’s the components of logic blocks
Logic block contain the whole mechanism that decides and interact with user input , in other word it’s a set of algorithm that fuel the process of while and if statements, it learn and decide when to execute a process of a program.

Now let refer this to how Instagram algorithm works, in this process Instagram make use of (if this then that) statement to rank every new follower on your follower list to the top . 

The image below illustrate it well

So let’s see the next algorithm to know before implementing this by using hashtag 

Free Instagram like
Hash tags algorithm deals with how popular a certain keyword is, which means numbers of search volume a keyword has will determine its popularity. 
Example : #food, fashion or any Hollywood actor name.

Considering this will great impact your Instagram account to gain more followers.

Algorithm of relation (Instagram catalog )
Hundreds of algorithm were developed to enhance and boost user activity in a way to simulate real life activities.

Relation occur in every activity Good examples are market relation, niche relation. This algorithm works on while statement and if statement to recognize and categorized Instagram account of same niche under a related niche or category and vice-versa to post.

Examples are fashion, baking, Weddings  

 https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1WLyVMEwbYlNmRPunvs29U3dfH6iiBfn9#.1 Using the manual process
Using manual process of my strategy might be time consuming, but you will surely get beautiful results after implementing this.

How it works 

Following any Instagram account will place your profile on the top of their followers list which give more exposure to your own personal or business profile on Instagram 
Instagram algorithm will rank your profile on any profile you follow on Instagram.

This is how the whole process take place It's a free campaign strategy to boost your profile visibility and increase follower.
Make sure you;

  1. Follow high profile of celebrities to gain more exposure to millions of followers who view their profile.
Follow high profile of celebrities
This is not all, you also need to like and comment on other related profile to your niche. As time goes on this will rapidly boost your social activities and brand awareness. 

Using the Instagram hashtag

Instagram hashtagInstagram hashtag still work effectively to boost engagement and user interaction and gain real followers.

A post with an hashtag pose to perform well and reach more people than a post without hashtag so it really important to create hashtag in other to grow your account.

Reason why you need to use Instagram hashtag
Instagram has pass through lots of change in the past including new algorithm and features.

But the hashtag has remain permanent ( constant ) throughout.  Using relevant and highly targeted hashtag on your post and story is still one of the most recommend to get you discover by millions of people.

This will boost and increase more followers and user engagement.

How hashtag works

The beauty of hashtag is to boost post visibility and increase social engagement. Instagram make use of catalog system to show relevant post with popular hashtag. 

Example is : if a user make post and includes popular hashtag as #food, #baking Instagram algorithm will automatically categories the post under related sets of catalog the post falls under.

Include hashtag on your Instagram story 

hashtag on your Instagram storyAdding hash tag to Instagram story will automatically increase your profile visibility and engagement. Making use of hash tag will greatly impact your profile to be searchable.

Including one or two popular and relevant hashtag on your profile will let you appear on search page.

Add hashtag to your post and profile on Instagram 

hashtag to your post and profile on InstagramUsing hash tag on post is very important if you are building business profile. 

Adding of high quality hashtag to post will increase and boost social authority. A single hashtag in post description can propel the whole business profile.

#2. Using artificial intelligence (automation)

Using artificial intelligence (automation)There are bundles of tools to automate and manage your Instagram account to gain more followers in less time but only few of them produce real followers

I will reveal real and working tools that I have use countless of time to build various business accounts.

Using free sophisticated Instagram follower app 
I have compiled easy to understand step by step tutorial on how to generate real followers by using the app for free.

With this app you can generate 100+ real targeted follower per day .

To get the app and eBook simply click on the free button

The eBook overview What’s the color and taste of the tools

AI has many usefulness in terms of automation and decision making and program execution.
Most of online platform that enable me and you to search and get results today exist in the name of Artificial intelligence.

Free Instagram like

This tool will also generate free Instagram like on automation process.

  • It search and auto follow high profile that relate to your niche.
  • It behaves like a real human by setting reasonable time intervals between following and like of profiles and posts 
  • It automate Sets of hashtags to create awareness and provide clear visibility of your post and profile 
  • The tools auto like and follow related Instagram pages based on interest 
  • It automatically sleep at night in other to prevent spamming and avoid account termination.
All of the above functions make it awesome and reliable to use, it has zero risk and provide 

It contains the exact process and step on how I automate various of my Instagram page to reach thousands of followers without spending a dime.


Every great dreamers most be a risk taker and action taker of great and valuable opportunities.
In case you feel to contribute to this kindly reach me through the comment box below.


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