Unlimited traffic sources (SEO) unlocking the money keywords

Do you need the key to unlock unlimited traffic sources that will result into money,  keywords that will fit into great idea you research and gather.? 

You want search engine users to recognize your blog as a great source of good contents? The power key to the great unlimited traffic sources is here.

Keep reading to learn how.

What you will learn in this post

  1. I will show you how i start keyword research and how to implement it,
  2. You will learn and copy the exact strategies i use to rank blog post on google with keyword research.
  3. You will also learn how to position longtail keywords properly in your content

This is how i started

Few years ago i started blogging in 2019, i didn’t make any money

I started affiliate marketing , i didn’t make any money

I started CPA marketing , i didn’t make any money

I begin to write for people and make money, but few

So i shifted away from that and go for new methods , i didn’t any money 

But some thing trigger me up and i remember what is keyword research and blogging , because i want stable source of income that will finally stop my financial problem. in one word i want to be financially buoyant and OK.

So i decided to risk what will actually work and make me money , my blog is getting low traffics with no traces of any income , which i decided to start back and fill up with topic with low competition , good search volume and moderate click per cost. Before i was sacred of wasting money and time , which i have finally decided to go for and risk it all.

Journey to keyword research

I’ve heard from several people who make money blogging, they always talked about search engine and keyword research which they prove to be working, people are giving testimony about SEO which i have abandon for long.  

When i first new about keyword research tool, it wasn’t affordable for me ( which means i didn’t have money to pay for seo tool ) over then, i use free keywords tool that  require me to combine different seo tools together. this systems really sucks alot of time and some effort, i have try this countless of time with no satisfied results.

I have wrote numbers of blog post that rank in 50th and 60th position on search engine, lol.  Any of my post that rank in 4th to 6th position on google search happens to be mistaken or by luck. this make me feel lost and weaken. with all this, traffic still finds it way to my blog , few people get engaged with my blog post and drop comment of appreciation for helping them, so i decided to pay for a keyword research tool and follow rules.

So i select ahrefs and begin to learn about search engine, SEO and ranking system. google search expose me to hundreds of ways to do keyword research , content creation and how to rank blog post.

On my journey to keyword research i bounced on trusted sources ( neil patal, backlinko and smartblogger )  to learn SEO , content marketing, ranking system and backlinks, i learn more about keyword research and google algorithm from those list mention above  and i get seo tools recommendation from them as well. 

They recommend ahrefs, semrush, moz, keywordfinder and many others , but guess what. i choose Ahrefs 

Why Ahref ?

To me ahrefs sound to be more accurate in terms of keyword volume, keyword difficulty and CPC. I am not only impress by all the above merits mentions. It has more access to google database than any other keywords tool with higher crawl rate. 

With ahrefs i am able to discover new keyword with low keyword difficulty and moderate search volume with good CPC that will actually push my blog forward on google search engine.

How to select reasonable keyword

Finding appropriate keywords has always been one of my problem since day one of keyword research in SEO, if not for the help of ahrefs and other keyword suggestion tools that helps me to generate countless numbers of keywords and its property. 

There are many ways to generate reasonable keyword for contents in which i tested and still never get satisfied. this make me to dig more into  research, which i finally found ( kparser ) keyword suggestion tool.

What is kparser

This is a keyword suggestion tool that fetch me countless numbers of re seasonable keyword than my exception. This tool generate thousands of keyword pertaining to my blog niche.

How to use kparser

  •  Define your blog niche and its categories 
  •  Filter your blog niche and come up with likely topic you might want to compete for.
  • Visit kphraser and input keywords pertaining to your blog niche into the search box, then
  • Select google search from the box below and click on start button to begin.

  •  With the list of suggested keywords below,  you can begin to scrape those keywords and past to ahrefs

After generating list of suggested keywords, now its time to get metrics of each keyword and properly insert them into where they belongs. during my journey to keyword research i faced lots of problem in-which i have carefully break down and solved here.

before you begin to get keyword metrics let see 

Thing you need to consider before starting keyword research

It has been so difficult for me during my journey to keyword research , i have made lot’s of mistakes along SEO and blogging path. over then i don’t know what is called

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Or blacklinks

I never know how to rank a site on google or push blog post to the first page on google search engine, i only new about blogging and content marketing which i would not want any body to make as a mistake. i want you to learn about factors that hold site on search engine and enable a particular blog post to compete with others.  

to be precise 

What google sense most as a new blog or old blog is domain authority, page authority, and what produce DA and PA is content and good keywords position.  the moment i new about this, my site only has 3 DA and some pretty PA, but what if you are just starting a new blog ? the answers is, you  need valuable keywords and good contents to show you up fast on google search.

Here are factor you need to consider.

If you are starting up as a new blog or waking up your old blog from death

NOTE: The list below describe longtail keywords and its properties

  • Choose keywords with moderate search volume, like 15k and 18k upward
  • Find keywords with low difficulty, around 0 or 5
  • Consider keywords with moderate or high click per cost ( CPC ) than the lower ones.
  • Never compete for broad keywords
  • Create contents that resonate
  • Always go for the money keywords
  • Check google search to see numbers of  10 sites that are on first page 

Now its time to gather  metrics of each suggested  keywords and properly insert them into where they belongs ( position ).

I called the above lists “ rules ”, i have follow this same rule to prepare good contents with rich keywords which has changed the way i blog. 

Plugging in lists of suggested keywords

This is where i learn how to use ahrefs and other keywords tool to analysis keywords of great value. you can learn how use it here. now that you have learn how to use ahref, boom you can begin to plugin list of suggested keywords you generate with kphraser. there is no limit to numbers of keywords you can plugin to ahrefs.

immediately you plugin those list of keywords, ahrefs will show you handful of related keywords to your blog niche. this is where you will need to carefully select keywords of high value with

  • Low  keyword difficulty ( 5 KD )
  • Moderate search volume like 18k upward
  • Reasonable click per cost ( CPC ), from $0.99 upward
  • Keyword trends / keyword popularity

How do i incorporate keywords into content ?

Now you are done with keywords research. you have discover hundreds of keyword that will greatly boost your site seo traffics., but you don’t know to incorporate keyword into content.

follow this list below 

  • Include your keyword in the first line, or last line of your blog title
  • Insert your main keywords in the first sentence of your content, or in between the first paragraph .
  • Use keywords that relate to it throughout your content in sub heading


I have try this process many time, and it works for me likewise people that i have shown. People have copy this exact same procedure and see result. If you have question, please kindly drop it in the comment section below and lets discuss about it.

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