Mylead Review (2021)–what makes it a great affiliate network to work with?

In  the pool of CPA network mylead strangled up to be the the best among world leading  CPA network with up to date anti fraud  detection programs and other features that makes him so Worth to be reviewed.

Your suit case could be filled up with money within few weeks of viral promotions.

This mylead review will save you time and cost of finding it hard to sign up and make money., You will be exposed to how mylead works and it's features.

It is good to know what kind of network to work with before signing up and promote offers, I Know you  personally don't want to jump into a affiliate network without  getting a clue of how it works.

You know it is likely to start any business and Begin to lose or make profit and profit. But Before jumping up and say I found a CPA network that will get me rich in few time., Let see how mylead come to stay in market and it's features.

What makes it a great Affiliate Network to work with

Few months ago a friend invited me to mylead, he convinced me in which I finally sign up.

  • Sign up process is direct without interview, definitely a newbie can sign up today and begin to make money
  • Secondly, mylead manager are always available to answer any of your questions. ( Very supportive ) 
  • Thirdly, mylead has a vast knowledge based system you can learn From. It has free books on how to promote offers and Traffic system that works. Because of free material and tutorial , You cannot find it hard to make money on mylead

What is mylead

Mylead is a cost per action network with hundreds and thousands of advertiser that are willing to pay affiliate marketer that will drive in leads or sales. Is a global affiliate network that enable both beginner and experienced affiliate marketer to make money easily by promoting offers.

Who are advertiser on mylead

This are sets of brands or business that is Willing to create outreach through an incentive program on mylead. Advertiser determine type of offer and  payout for each successful executed offers, targeting is also one of the advertiser key to collate leads and make sales.

Who is affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketer are sets of independent affiliate marketer  that leverage Social media and search engine to drive in traffic and conversion. Affiliate marketer aim is to promote CPA offer and get rewarded for doing that.

How to sign up to mylead

The process is simple and cheap to sign up to mylead and Begin to make money. Recently at this moment mylead allow people to sign up by Gmail or Facebook account. Account setup is more easier than you ever think.

You can Follow the on-screen instructions to fully Sign up to my lead network.

Types of offers on mylead 

As a CPA network, mylead run many different kinds of offers that range from giveaway, adults, loan, health, neutral, gaming, education, accessories and simple sign up offers.

No limit to numbers of offers you can run as a affiliate marketer that works with every channel of  Traffics.

How to get offer approved on mylead

There are two kinds of offers on my lead that is classified as

➡️Direct offers
➡️And special offers

🔰Direct offers does not require approval before you can run 
🔰 while Special offers require affiliate marketer to describe type of traffic channel to use before an offer can be approved.

Note that offers that comes direct are the easiest offers to promote without struggling to get approval.

How to select offers on Mylead

Mylead has vast great numbers of good niche categories you can select from and begin to struggle to get approved. Selecting an offer from any niche categories on mylead will require you to check offer details before describing your promotion methods.

Offer details entails the follow list below
🔰 Country
🔰 Traffic requirement
🔰 Conversion point
🔰Convert on email submit or sales
🔰 Single opt-in or double

The list above will determine  what type of offers to select for promotion. The offer may require you to targets a single country or multi Geo.

Note that single opt-in offers tend to perform better with moderate payout.

What conversion system does mylead works on

This is varies by offers, targets country. The list below describe it in details.
🔰 CPA : this mean cost per action, this mean you will get paid  for every single sign up or email submit you attract in as a affiliate marketer.
🔰 CPS: affiliate marketer are only pay when sales occur in any of CPS offer they promote.
🔰 CPI: this means cost per install, which means that you will get paid for any possible install you drive in as a affiliate marketer

How to promote offers on mylead

Mylead has list of tutorial on promotion methods to help both beginner and experienced affiliate marketer through via mylead blog.

How to withdraw your earnings on mylead

After promoting offer and make money, now it's time to withdraw your hard earn cash out of mylead. Among all others network. Mylead offee  instantly withdrawal of money earned without waiting for days to get paid.

My lead payment system

Mylead uses flexible and fast Payment processing platform to enable quick withdrawal of cash

➡️Wire transfer
➡️And PayPal


  • Working with mylead is easier
  • Sign up process is easy
  • Fast Payment
  • Huge categories of profitable offer's


  • You need approval to run important offers
  • Targets country is limited


The above article has explain it all , on how my lead works and process payment. Types and kinds of offer that can be run. As a affiliate marketer this is your time to give mylead a trail and leverage different Traffics channel to promote offers and make money.

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