How to make money on onlyfans without showing your face and earn $500 every week

The answer is simple, you can make money without showing your face on onlyfans. 

I know this may sound impossible to you because you keep doubting of how possible this will be. Your thinking might just be " the only possible way is to show your face , people need to see who you are" the answer is no, you can still hide behind the camera and cash out bigger than those who appear on camera.

Why would you like your face to be hiding behind the camera? It's normal for some people like I and you to hide behind the camera because I or you is not good at acting or you may never want your family members, school mate or parents to know you actually exist on only fans for a reason you only know.

What is onlyfans?

Only fans is a platform where influencer benefits from subscription payment directly from users subscription. As a creator on only fans you will make money based on Paid post , paid messages, tipping.

How do I get started? 

Getting started is easier than you think . Follow the content outline below.

  • How to Pick a niche
  • How Setup a only fans account
  • How to Create content
  • Promote your only fans page.

How to Pick a niche

I know the reason why you click through to read this post, staying anonymous from the internet. Staying anonymous on only fans will require you to carefully select a niche that won't expose your real face to the camera. Pick a niche that will grab people attention and attract.

Example of a niche

Cute pets show

This niche alone has made me hundreds of bucks for showing off my cute funny cat that does alot crazy movement.

I only capture the cat movement with my legs showing to the camera., The whole stuff the cat did is to copy the exact move I make.

I never see it as something funny, until I uploaded it on my Facebook page and see how much few it's gather within a Day. From there people request for more, so I begin to direct them to my onlyfans page to see more crazy move of my cute cat.

You can also offer a training on how to make money online and never show your face in the training video. 

How to Setup a only fans account

Setting up a only fans page cost nothing than your time. It's free.

Use a stage name

Use your stage name to stay anonymous, since you don't want people to know your real name.

Use your real name for onlyfans verification

You will still need to need your real name when verifying your payment details And tax info.

Set your subscription rate

You are in control of content you create, set subscription based on per post, Livestream and per message you reply. To boost your earnings you can set a discount . Note that the more subscribers you have will depend on how much you will make.

Do not mention your real location

Since you want to stay anonymous you can make up a fictional location on your post or Livestream

How to Create content

Great Content is the key to your smile on only fans, create what people want and cash out bigger. Pick a good niche and create good content around interesting topic that people will climbed up to your page to see. People only get attached to attention calling content. The list below are recommended for you to produce great content

  • Pick a niche
  • Get a good video camera
  • Some video editing software
  • Make great content and cash out bigger.

Promote your only fans page.

Great content without exposure may result to nothing but waste of time and resources. You spend countless of times to make content and fail to promote it. Which may result to waste. You need to create reach out from the every corners of social media to get massive awareness.

So here is how to promote your content 

Make shots clip and watermark every content you make and post it on popular social media ( Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, vskit, YouTube ) to attract subscribers to your only fans page, Encourage people to help you repost your content on Instagram and other social media platforms. this is not the only method.

Create youtube channel

Here is where more works need to be done before you can go viral. Youtube is one of the main strategy people use to attract people to their other social media account they want to attract people into. see this is no rocket science, people are doing this same thing . follow the race and succeed.

Do giveaway on social media to attract viewers and subscribers, you give $20 to the last 10 people that comment on your post on Instagram.


Now it's depends on you to act fast and Drop comment and testimony of your success. Sky is the limit, don't ignore this post and say huh it's not working because you have never try it. I wish the best.

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